Nowra Bridge Repair and Navigation Lights Project

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Undertaking bridge repairs, construction or marine upgrades is a specialist and precarious task.  Ensuring mariners and construction crews are aware of your maritime movements and intentions is a premium part of the projects outcome and safety.

Providing the correct marine day shapes, navigation lights, signage and buoyage components requires professional advice and timely project delivery.

With over 35 years experience in the marine AtoN industry, Coast Power are widely considered as experts in the field.

These recent bridge repair projects on the NSW far south coast involved Coast Power’s expertise and professional approach. Providing essential marine AtoN components before the projects inception. 

Coast Power provided quality:

• Solar marine LED navigation lights

• Marine buoys and signage

• Channel Closed Day Shapes

• Channel Closed LED Lights

• Mooring systems

• Marine navigation aid positioning advice.

The above components remained trouble-free throughout the projects.

Coast Power has access to only the highest quality AtoN products from the worlds leading AtoN manufactures. Constantly keeping up with the latest in marine technology advances ensures the Coast Power team are industry leaders in marine  AtoN supply, installation and repair.

All projects where conducted without incident, on time and within budget. Again highlighting Coast Power’s professional commitment in providing quality, reliable and cost effective Marine Aids To Navigation.

Phill Sale, partner and industry expert in AtoNs, commented on the outcome. “Well I suppose AtoN’s are in my  blood. Projects like these were a daily operation for me when I was a director in a leading Marine Navigational Aids company in Sydney prior to relocating to the NSW South Coast. Seeing the end result with clients satisfied and happy is what life’s all about for me now.” A true AtoN professional with over 35 years industry and hands on experience, Phill was heavily involved and oversaw the whole project.

Cameron Cabban provided exceptional backup on this project, providing expert knowledge on the bridges cathodic protection systems but that’s another chapter in the Coast Power expertise saga….. stay tuned.

Contact the Coast Power office for all your Marine Aids to Navigation requirements. You’d be surprised what Coast Power can do for you!

High Bay LED High Output Lights and Electrical Upgrades to new Industrial Shed at Congo Quarry

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Coast Power successfully completed the electrical upgrades to the new industrial shed at Congo Quarry. The incorporation of high bay LED high output light fittings ensures the customer’s energy usage is greatly reduced. A complete new switchboard and underground cable was installed. The operation was completed totally in-house providing the customer with one point of contact. The daily operation of the quarry wasn’t disrupted during the project.

LED high bay lights installed in new shed at Congo Quarry

Conduit connecting high bay LED lights at Congo Quarry

Five Camera Security System at Industrial Site at Moruya

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Coast Power installed a five camera security system at an industrial site at Moruya. The system ensures the customer can monitor all daily operations in their facility. It also records images allowing a replay if required. All cabling, cameras and poles were installed by Coast Power.

Mounted camera on pole at Industrial Site at Moruya

Security cameras mounted on commercial building in Industrial Estate Moruya

Generator Repair on Montague Island

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Coast Power responded to a request from National Parks to urgently repair their on-site generator on Montague Island.

After attending  the site the generator was repaired and power was reinstated.

Cameron and Phill on Montague Island after repairing Generator

Cameron repairing Generator on Montague Island

Cameron successfully reinstates power on Montague Island


Underground Electrical Power Supply to Rural Shed at Bodalla

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Coast Power provided an electrical underground supply to a rural shed at Bodalla. The operation incorporated the in-house Coast Power excavator ensuring a seamless trouble-free power installation for the customer. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Excavated trench with cabling to shed at Bodalla

Internal power to new shed in Bodalla

In-house Excavator

Solar Installation at Meringo

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Coast Power, on behalf of Solar Energy Options, installed a 4 kilowatt solar system at Meringo on an existing colour bond roof.  A Fronius 4 kilowatt inverter was used complete with 290 watt JA panels. Being so close to the ocean Coast Power paid attention to ensure no parts would corrode or rust.

All installed Solar Panels on roof at Meringo

Fronius 4kW Inverter at Meringo

Solar Panels on roof with view to Mullimburra Point at Meringo


Electrical repairs at Hanging Rock Sports Ground, Batemans Bay

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Coast Power Electrical and Solar undertook emergency repairs to damaged high powered flood lights at Hanging Rock Sports Ground.  The lights were mounted on a damaged cross arm on top of a 32 metre pole.  A 45 metre crane with man bucket was required to remove the damaged lighting cross arm.

Fixing damaged flood lights and cross arm at Hanging Rock Sports Ground, Batemans Bay

Cameron reinstalling flood lights on lighting tower, Batemans Bay

240Volt AC Power Supply to a Rural Property at Bingie near Moruya

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Coast Power installed a 240 volt AC supply to a rural property at Bingie. This consisted of 95 mm XLPE cable over a 220 metre distance.

Telstra cable was also installed to ensure all power and coms requirements were taken care of.

220 metre trench and cabling at rural property at Bingie near Moruya


Laying cable on rural block Bingie

Cable and supply box in trench at Bingie




10kilowatt solar system at Cameron’s Hardware, Batemans Bay

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Coast Power Electrical and Solar, in conjunction with Solar Energy Options, installed a 10kilowatt grid fed solar system at Cameron’s Hardware, Batemans Bay.

solar system at Cameron's Hardware
Batemans Bay solar system at Cameron’s Hardware

Additional 3kW Solar Installation at Burrill Lake, NSW

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Coast Power Electrical and Solar, in conjunction with Solar Energy Options, installed an additional 3 kilowatts of solar at Burrill Lake, NSW.

This additional solar installation complimented the existing system adding additional peak output for the customer.

A Fronius quality inverter and JA solar panels where professionally installed to ensure years of optimal power output.

New solar panels next to existing panels

Additional solar panels optimising the energy from the sun

Fronius inverter